Want Managed SEO?

As you can imagine, we know a thing or two about SEO! Hire us for an Audit or a Monthly Engagement

SEO Audits

Basic Audit


Extensive Review of your site

  • Up to 100 Primary Keywords Keyword Research Identified and Mapped to Appropriate URLs
  • Basic Technical Review
    • Looking for issues like 301 redirect chains to your homepage and/or any other glaring performance problems that could be SEO killers
    • Review of your main links and potential link opportunities
    • Notes on content on your homepage and other primary pages, and strategies for next steps and long term SEO growth.
    Technical Review
  • Two 1-hour consultations

    One before and one after delivery


Premium Audit


Appropriate for larger sites and enterprise SEO

  • Up to 1000 Primary and Secondary Keywords
  • A Rigorous Technical Review
    • Includes everything in the Basic Audit
    • We also do a deep dive into your link history and create or augment your disavow files if necessary.
    • We focus on strategies to more effectively leverage any kind of data-sets you have to enable a more aggressive longtail strategy.
  • Four 1-hour Consultations

    Review the work in progress and after it is delivered.

Monthly SEO Appropriate for small/local businesses or simple blog sites

  • This package includes 100 keywords per month at 1AISEO.com
  • We start with primary keywords and monitor search trends to modify them or add more on an ongoing basis
  • we carefully monitor your site's performance and make adjustments regularly
  • We add at least 2 pieces of content to your site each month which we use to help with our ongoing link building efforts on your behalf
  • We also help to optimize your Google My Business/Google Maps listing if applicable
  • Also, this package includes 100 keywords per month at 1AISEO.com

Full-Time Link Builder As you know, links are more important than ever for successful SEO

Add a dedicated full-time Link Building Expert to your team who will strive to get you the diverse range of high quality links your site needs to rank better.


SEO Product Management For best results, deeply integrate a Senior SEO with your company's team

An SEO Product Manager helps to make sure that all front-facing product initiatives contribute to your SEO efforts, while avoiding the inevitable damage that can be done when SEO is ignored. There are many possible technical pitfalls that often beset larger sites, and we're experts at catching them. We work closely with your team to capitalize on in-house data and other materials to expose relevant and useful content for better SEO traffic and conversions. We guide ongoing iterations to improve SEO on your core product with

  • Wireframes
  • User-stories
  • Super-clean SEO-friendly HTML and CSS
  • Robots.txt
  • Optimization
  • Redirect optimizations
  • and much more!

In addition, this package includes Four 1-hour consultations per month.
Also, this package includes 1,000 keywords per month at 1AISEO.com.


It's simple to get started and it's only $1 per keyword ranking.